Useful Links

We welcome to hear about links to other useful sites. Please send an email to with details of the site. We will only provide links to other sites if we believe they are in the interest of our members.

National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

We are members of NSALG whose work is predominately representing the allotment movement and providing advice and information to members. Click on the above link which takes you to the Useful Information page where you will find, by scrolling down, a number of useful information leaflets for example on:

    • Clearing an overgrown plot

    • Save money - Save water Information on watering crops in the dry season

    • Creating a new allotment

    • Handy Hints for New Gardeners

    • First Steps to Allotment Gardening

    • Easy Vegetables to Grow

    • Manures and Fertilisers

    • Composting and Recycling

  • What is Potato Blight

MK Council

There are several useful links on the Council’s website on recycling including the location of Community Recycling Centres (Tips to you and I), “Bonfires”, “Bonfires - Environmentally damaging and anti-social” and composting. Note that the subsidised compost bin offer has now finished. MK Council hope to join a new scheme offering cheap compost bins early in 2010.

Recycle now

Whilst on the subject of composting, this is another useful site.


Want to know which variety is best for as all rounders, boiling, new potatoes, mash, roast, jacket, salad, chips, wedges or dauphenoise then this Potato Council website is worth looking at.

Another Potato Council site the British Potato Variety Database provides information on tuber characteristics, resistance to damage, pests and diseases.


Your health and safety is important read Tetanus Information and make sure you are up to date